Injector's services

Maxiplast is a company that provides services with the use of injectors and thus makes and processes articles which are necessary in many known sectors of industry. Injection moulding is an efficient manner to process plastic and to take care of any and all details of products. As an experienced manufacturer, we ensure the production with the use of such materials as PP, PA, PVC and ABS which enable the manufacture of articles that are immediately ready for their use.

Injection moulding services

Plastic processing with the use of injectors is carried out in several stages beginning from the heating of the material. When its form is fluid, the mass is injected to earlier prepared moulds. Afterwards, the material is left to cool off and them the moulds are carefully removed. This is how the plastic is processed with the most widespread method of injection moulding.

Maxiplast also makes workpieces from plastic based on its long-lasting experience and knowledge acquired during that time. The service is provided after processing and consists in modification of shape and size. For that purpose, we use the best machines and equipment which enable the production and finishing of solid articles.

We encourage you to contact our company. We assume customised approach to each order. We guarantee that our services provided with the use of injectors are unrivalled.

BRAND Arburg (Germany)  Arburg (Germany)   Arburg (Germany)   Ponar (Poland)  Arburg (Germany)   Arburg (Germany)  
Model - type 305-210-700  470 S 1300-350 520 C 1600-675 UT.175.T 1750H-810  570 C 2000-675 570 C-2200-675
Power of closing [t.] 70 130  160  175  200  220 
Size of plates [mm] 305 x 305 470 x 470  520 x 520  480 x 480  570 x 570  570 x 570 
Cubic capacity of injection [cm³]   250 315 402  315  353 
Gap between the columns [mm]  420 x 420 650 x 650  685 x 685  710 x 710  795 x 795  795 x 795 
Min form height [mm] 250 275 250 150 300 300


BRAND Krauss Maffei (Germany)  Krauss Maffei (Germany)   Demag Eurotech (Germany) 
Model - type KM 250 2500-1400 KM 300 3000-1400 C2 650 650/1000-3300
Power of closing [t.] 250 300 650
Size of plates [mm] 630 x 630 630 x 630 1000 x 900 
Cubic capacity of injection [cm³] 679 679 1779
Gap between the columns [mm]  995 x 1050 995 x 1050 1450 x 1350
Min form height [mm] 330 330 450

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