Plastic Containers

Our offer comprises a broad range of high quality food containers. We propose services with range of sticking bottle's label in IML technology.

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Flower Pots

Our Flower Pots are made of polypropylene, which guarantees high quality of our products. Polypropylene, which is based on natural materials (carbon and hydrogen) is biologically friendly: it is biodegradable  and can be recycled. We make our product resistant to low temperatures and sun rays by adding the appropriate chemical substances.

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Usługi na wtryskarkach

Injector's services

We present a list and parameters of high quality Polish and German injectors, we use to produce our custom-made containers. We guarantee high efficiency and quality of production.

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Maxiplast - the manufacturer of plastic containers

MAXIPLAST began one's own activity in 1995. Thanks to many years' experience in line of processing of plastics, we propose you a wide range of our articles.

Main branch of our production are containers intended for food industry ie. ketchupy, mustards and sauces. Our main receivers are firms: Unilever Polska Sp. z o.o., Dawtona Sp. z o.o., Firma Roleski Sp. J., Dijo Baking Sp. z o.o.. Remaining part of production determine flower-pots for gardenings and plant nursing. To production of our articles we use materials lean on natural components (carbon, hydrogen), which guarantee high quality of article and neutrality for environment from regard on utilization of process of recycling.

Besides we use in our articles suitable to needs additions resistanting on activity of low temperatures and of solar rays.

We execute also production charged, where modern machine-park makes possible realizing of orders on various articles, also technological advanced. Warranting at this highest quality of realization, how also convenient conditionses of cooperation. Proof on professional activities of firm Maxiplast is initiated and all the time perfected from 2004 year Integrated System Managements With quality PN-EN ISO 9001:2015, PN-EN ISO 22000:2006 and HACCP System Safeties Of food.

Maxiplast has been one of the leading manufacturers in plastic processing industry since 1995. As a professional company producing plastic containers, we offer a very wide range of products in different variants and shapes. Our business activity is based on the production of plastic containers intended to come into contact with food. Our main clients are the companies selling such products as ketchup, mustard and different kinds of sauces. As we use the best materials, we guarantee top quality of our containers and their resistance to mechanical damage and external factors. It causes that the transport of our products is much easier and more efficient.

Professional production of plastic goods

Development is of great importance in Maxiplast and therefore we constantly undertake the activities aimed at improving the production of plastic containers in our plant. Thus, we guarantee original and innovative plastic containers intended to come into contact with food which respond to current market needs. We focus mainly on current trends and changing needs of customers, which makes us an innovative company. Unlike glass containers, our products are less exposed to serious damage during their transport or everyday use. As an experienced manufacturer of plastic containers intended to come into contact with food, we know what we should take care of the most, which results in professional production of containers.

Our extensive range of products also includes durable growing pots designed to resist weather conditions and satisfy plant needs. For years, we have been adding appropriate additives to our products which make them resistant to low temperatures and sunlight. As a result, our pots intended for industrial applications can be used for a long time, without the necessity of their replacement with the new ones.

Proven products from Maxiplast

As a plastic container manufacturer having long-lasting experience, we can offer tested and proven products. We apply state-of-the-art technology which guarantees durability and reliability. Therefore, we can offer the products developed in a manner allowing for their long-term use.

What else makes us outstanding? Our goal is to be neutral and not harmful to the environment. The plastic container production plant of Maxiplast applies the recycling process and the most recent technological patents, and thus contributes to the reduction of the negative impact of plastic on the environment.

We make every effort to satisfy the requirements of each client and therefore we are committed to the production, which enables us to provide our clients with top quality products. Professional activities undertaken by Maxiplast cause that we are one of the most recognised manufacturers of plastic in Wrocław.

*Projekt realizowany przy wsparciu i współfinansowaniu RPO WO  w ramach projektu Wdrożenie innowacyjnej technologii i produktów w firmie Maxiplast.